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  • Keisha Bentley-Edwards, PhD

New Pub: The 5Ws of Racial Equity in Research

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Introducing our 5Ws of Racial Equity in Research Framework! I am so excited about this publication. In 2020, I joined Duke's CTSA Equity in Research Core. We were faced with researchers who had renewed interest in building equitable spaces and research projects. We decided that we needed a go-to and accessible framework to give researchers and institutions a starting point or reflection point for deliberate inquiry from idea conception and partnerships to implementation. We developed the 5Ws of Racial Equity in the Research framework. Using the 5Ws, (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) of deliberate inquiry-we provide the "How" to understand your processes, evaluate your circumstances, and be intentional in your racial equity pursuits. See the graphic below. e this short, open-access article to spark change within your teams and create institutional change. Although written with health equity research and institutions in mind, the 5Ws of Racial Equity framework can be applied to anyone reflecting on how their actions and policies may contribute to inequities and want to do better to eliminate structural racism.

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