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My Work

I am a scholar whose research crosses into the realms of developmental psychology, health, education, and Black studies. In the pursuit of racial equity, I write, lecture, and study how racism, gender, and culture affect well-being throughout the lifespan. Most of my research is on African Americans, however, I also examine how White families socialize their children on race and racism.

I often provide insight to local and national media outlets on a wide range of issues that deal with Black youth & families, race & racism, health, and education. As a public speaker, I share my ideas through lectures, panels, and workshops in university, hospital (grand rounds), community, school, corporate, and church settings. Click the link below to find a sample of my media engagements.

Find out about my upcoming events, recent lectures, and publications.

Headshot of Dr. Keisha Bentley-Edwards

"Whether it is in the doctor's office, or in the classroom,  people will often respond to their perceived composure, rather than Black women and girls' concerns. To be clear, regardless of tone, volume, or erudition, our self-advocacy is perceived as disruptive or confrontational. Black women and girls are left to deal with the very real consequences of these misperceptions."

Dr. Keisha Bentley-Edwards

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